Thursday, July 30, 2009

Last post?

Well, I have one correction - I had a CT scan with contrast, not a PET.

And I also have big news: As of today's scan, I have no evidence of disease, and the scarred nodes in my system have gotten smaller.

I'm dancing with NED. I'm in remission.

PET scan

We leave in less than an hour. Today is the most important day of the rest of my life.

Nervous doesn't describe how I am. It's how I live.

Tonight I will post my results. This afternoon I will know my fate. Ugh, I hate drama.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Read this!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

She blinded me with Science . . . Diet

Short post - we're approved for the dogs and will be picking them up on Friday.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Health, Work and too much wine

I have news. Nothing about my health besides the fact that I've lost the ability to stay asleep for more than 45 minutes at a time. Hmm. . . could be because I have my first post-SCT scan IN A WEEK. And as I've noted before, I'm more than a little freaked out about it. I'm also stressed from work, as there are projects out the wazoo, plenty of busy work, and I can't figure out when to take a week off. And to boot, Ti and I (well, mostly Ti) has been packing, cleaning and boxing up stuff every night for the past two weeks for a few reasons - so coming home hasn't been too relaxing. Tonight, a little, but I have less to do than her. First reason: We now have a storage unit to put all the excess that we want to keep into for when we have a larger space to live. Second reason: We're going through all of our bins and boxes, getting rid of clothes, toys, and other items we no longer need or want and donating all of it to charities. We like to spread the wealth. And the third reason is we're expecting two bundles of joy next week. And the place really needs a once over before we let anything four-legged and 12 inches off of the ground loose in here. Not really dog-proofing the condo, just making space for them.
So I get to bed at night and start thinking about a.)my test - and immediately take an ativan b.) work - may or may not take an ativan or c.) life with two dogs and all of the things that involves - good and bad - and usually take an ativan so I don't stay up all night. No matter what time I go to bed, I don't get to sleep until after 1, and I don't stay asleep long :(

In a week or so, almost everything besides work will have a resolution. I'll have the results of the PET/CT, and we are expecting to have two new pets. I'm hoping for good news all around, but if that isn't the case, I'm hoping one balances out the other.

It will be a nice change to have to worry about the well being of something else besides Ti and myself. The dogs will be a welcome part of our family, and hopefully a needed distraction.

And if anyone wants any red wine, let me know. We have lots of left over wine from the wedding that we are not going to drink. I'm up to being able to drink a few glasses occasionally, but nowhere near where I was before. I think I've finally grown up, at least as far as my alcohol intake is concerned. We won't discuss the bachelor party or the Hockey East championship game, but I've been a good boy since day 100. Mostly.

Good night folks. Sweet dreams and big balls.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Maybe. . . just maybe, if I close my eyes and wish really hard

The people who place dogs called our references and then us tonight. Tracy (not sure on the spelling) told me that our references were great, and then I handed the phone to Ti, who was bouncing around me like a puppy.

Tracy is coming to our little piece of heaven to check it out to see if we're dog ready. It may not be the biggest condo in the world, but we have more than enough room for a few pets.

We'll see how it goes. It takes my mind off of next Thursday. And work. God knows I need a distraction from work now. And a genuine reason to want to come home besides the fact it's home.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Changes in lattitude, changes in attitude

We applied to adopt two dogs. Two special dogs. They have their own blog. So we've adopted them so they don't steal my spotlight (just kidding dear) at

We are hoping to hear soon so we can start to clean and plan for the new additions to our family.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Summary of today's lunch

(With thanks to Homer Simpson)

I'll make a wish that can't backfire! I wish for a turkey sandwich, on white bread, with watercress, and tomatoes, and... I don't want any zombie turkeys, I don't wanna turn into a turkey myself, and I don't want any more weird surprises, you got it! (Brian eats)... Mmm, not bad, nice ranch mayo, good bread, turkeys a little dry... THE TURKEY'S A LITTLE DRY!!!

Back to work.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Post 4th of July post

Well, I didn't make a big deal about it, but my last post was number 100. I can't believe I've actually written 100 posts, I usually don't stay with anything for this long, not counting my job or my lovely wife (third time) that has been with me for almost four years. But we're here, at post 101. I'm still alive, still recovering, still moving forward. The stress of everything is overwhelming, but I'm dealing the best that I can. I'm a rock. And so, because of that, I roll.

I'll write later on this week. I don't have much to report right now, and I'm getting tired. It's been a pretty long and busy weekend.

Talk to you y'all later.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Post-Buffett Post

Happy 4th of July to everyone!