Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy um, unbirthday?

Well, one year ago today I received my second lease on life. I looked a lot different, was very ill, and wasn't sure I'd make it to 2009. Move ahead 365 days and things are much, much different. Better in many aspects of my life - I'm still here.

Not much to talk about tonight. Ti took me out to a very nice dinner, and we have to walk the dogs soon. Then off to bed.

Technically today isn't anything special. But it will always be important to me. Tomorrow, on the other hand, is a very special day - 4 years since Ti and I started "dating" or whatever you want to call what we did. On that day, we went to Salem in a snow storm. Ended up drinking at a bar for a little bit before getting dinner at the Texas Roadhouse, and then acted like giddy teenagers on the couch.

Jeez, time flies. Sick, not sick, planning a wedding, not planning, it just goes away.

Eh, too much waxing nostalgic for me. Time to walk the beagles.

Good Night! and Big Balls!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Where next?

Well, I've been in remission for quite a long time. It's been a year since I've had any evidence of disease in any of my scans. But I'm not done with the blog yet. October 22nd is my next appointment, and marks my anniversary since being admitted for my SCT. And 19 days from now marks my 2nd birthday. My re-birthday - one year since being saved by my own stem cells.

It's funny to look back and think of how much time has passed, time that I probably should be more grateful to have than I've been. Not that my disease would have killed me that quickly, but my long-term prognosis is much brighter because of the suffering due to the treatment and recovery.

I still have a long road ahead, I'm only 1/5 of the way to where statistics tell us that my cancer won't be coming back. So now there is a chance. But there are too many other important things in life to worry about. My last scan was clean, I'm getting my immunizations soon, and then after my followup scan in Jan, I'm getting my port taken out.

Then the last reminder of my journey that I carry around like a burden will be gone. Leaving me only with my scars.

Cancer sucks.

But at least there was cake. Cake makes everything better.


P.S. A mantra for all of those still going through treatment. Say this to yourself every morning you wake up, and every time you're about to start something horrible (chemo, rads, etc.)

I am Superman (or woman)
I can do anything.
I am Superman
I will be recovering.