Monday, August 3, 2009

Not quite done . . . yet

Well, after some consideration, I'm not done with the blog yet. I still have a few appointments in the next 6 months, including my next scan. I am feeling much better, I don't have much to worry about health-wise at the moment - I'm feeling pretty good. Still not sleeping, but it's not because of stress related to my disease. There are other reasons I'm not sleeping now.

This will not become my dog's new blog, but I have an anecdote to share: last night, Scout, our beloved new beagle, crawled into our bed and flopped onto his side. Then he got up on one paw and started going to town on his crotch. Which happened to be facing me, about 6 inches from my face. I said to Ti, "Why do I get to have that view?" - and as the last syllable from the last word was coming out of my mouth - he turns his head and licks my face. Over my open mouth and nose.

And I still love my wife, even though she's still laughing about this.

Have a good night, and big balls.